Things my Daddy taught me . . .

The thought for this part of our web page occurred to me one day as I was putting my truck into a doughnut in a field that was wetter than I had realized. If I don’t stop I won’t get stuck. I wondered how many other such words of wisdom were in my subconscious and in the collective subconscious of others. A few came to mind. I share them here and invite others to share in what I hope will evolve into a tribute to fathers. Send your contributions to the e-mail  address below or post to the "Submissions" form to the right. They will be added as they come in. There will be little to no editing. The plan for now will be to list these submissions in the order in which they are received. If that gets to be a problem, we might organize them someday. The sender’s name and the father’s name will be listed unless you post otherwise. Send them in one at a time or en masse. We hope to hear from you more than once. Submissions can be short witticisms or long poignant stories. All we ask is that they be real and perhaps helpful to others - maybe just for a laugh, to give pause and maybe to help someone think something through. And, of course, we realize many if not most of the contributions won’t be original quotes. That’s not the drill here. The first fatherly admonishment I remember (walk a mile in the other man’s shoes) was repeated to my father by his father long before it became the refrain for a popular song. 

Please tell your contacts to contribute too!